Co-founded small indie studio Intropy Games and shipped several titles both domestically and internationally across console, mobile, and PC platforms. Most notably, we successfully launched Astral Breakers, an action puzzle game on Nintendo consoles in both the North American and Japanese markets.

Distributed Mobbing and Educational Tool

Developed in part as a research project at Georgia Tech, this proof-of-concept remote mobbing tool was designed to address some of the problems of traditional mob programming while empowering team members to focus on learning new technical concepts through code challenges.


Viewing 2020 Through a New Lens

This exploratory gathering and crafting game project was built as a means to reflect on and cope with the challenges of 2020 through interactive storytelling and a branching narrative structure.

The Future esports Experience

Participating remotely in a research project building new technology around game interactions in the esports industry . As the gaming industry continues to evolve, so will the technology powering competitive experiences.